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Air Duct Replacement Gilroy

Air Duct Replacement Gilroy

Air Duct Replacement Gilroy

Air Duct Replacement – Gilroy, CA

While you are preparing for the next Gilroy season, perhaps turning on your air conditioner, you more than likely aren’t thinking about the ductwork running throughout your home and aren’t even aware when the time has come for an air duct replacement. Air Duct Replacement Gilroy has seen an increasing number of duct replacement jobs filing into their docket. Customers are becoming more aware than ever before just how much energy they are wasting with leaking ducts. If you too want to start saving more on your electric bill, contact Air Duct Replacement Gilroy today for an air duct replacement.

Air Duct Replacement in Gilroy Cost

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), ductwork is the primary conduit for distributing air throughout your Gilroy home forcing that air to cool or heat rooms. If you have bad ducts, clogged ducts, or ducts that are leaking, you might as well just be constantly running the air conditioner or heater as you are just wasting money and energy! Leaking ducts can also have a significant impact on your health.

Air duct replacement costs are lower than homeowners might think. In fact, if you were to replace all the original ducts in your house right now, you’d be saving more on your electric bill each month that over the years, those ducts will pay for themselves. It costs more to run the air conditioner or heater when there are leaks, holes, and cracks in the duct work and it also wears down the unit faster.

Key things to look for in faulty air ducts:

Air ducts are often one of the things technicians often overlook when repairing the HVAC system. Below are some common things to look for to see if your ducts are allowing optimal airflow throughout your Gilroy home:

  • High energy bills
  • Uneven air distribution
  • Poor air quality

If you have never cleaned or checked the ductwork throughout your home, perhaps now is the time. You’ll be surprised at what you might find! Air Duct Replacement in Gilroy can replace faulty, broken, or worn-down air ducts at a low cost to you.

Duct Installation

The ductwork behind your walls carries heat and air throughout your home providing comfort in each room. Installing new ductwork can be a pain if you are trying to do it yourself. Let the professionals at Air Duct Replacement Gilroy come out to your Gilroy home and conduct new ductwork installation. Duct installation can be pricey however, in the long run, having new ductwork installed will help save you hundreds in your electric bill as little to no air will be wasted. Our team has years of experience installing new ducts throughout all sizes of homes. You can count on us to properly install new ductwork!

Efficient Ducts = Efficient Home

If air ducts are sealed properly and replaced as they become worn down, it is an efficient means of keeping your home comfortable. With proper air duct sealing, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently and will successfully heat and cool the rooms in your home.

Gilroy Duct Replacement recommends having the HVAC system in your home inspected once a year to ensure that are no leaks and no duct replacement work that will need to be done.

When looking to have air duct replacement service done, choose a reliable contractor from Air Duct Replacement Gilroy. A good contractor will work with you to help make the right choices for your home’s indoor HVAC system. With our contractors, you know you will be getting exceptional service. Our name is more than just a name; it’s our standard.


Air ducts get damaged from a number of factors such as age, poor design, and rodent damage.

Damaged duct work or air duct leaks affect the indoor environment in two main ways:

Cold air is lost before it effectively cools the indoor space. This makes your HVAC system work harder, using more energy and driving your utility bills up.

Leaks in the duct work introduce contaminants to the circulating air. This includes mold, dust, mites, pollen, bacteria, asbestos and other allergens.