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Attic Insulation Burlingame

Attic Insulation In Burlingame

As your home ages, you may be considering attic insulation removal in Burlingame as part of your home improvement plans. Removing old or damaged insulation and replacing it with a fresh modern product can have a huge effect on your energy efficiency, the performance of your furnace, and the comfort of your indoor environment.

Why Atticity recommends attic insulation removal in Burlingame?

Unlike when, for example, a light bulb burns out, it isn’t always easy to know when you may need an attic insulation removal in Burlingame. At Atticity we recommend considering insulation removal for a number of different reasons:

  • When you’re already doing renovations, especially those geared towards energy efficiency and air tightness.
  • If your insulation has hazardous materials, like asbestos, in its makeup.
  • When your insulation has been damaged due to moisture or condensation.
  • If there’s been a fire, flood, or mold found.
  • Animals and insects occasionally enter attic spaces and can make a big mess or die if they become trapped.

The most important reason you might be considering an attic insulation removal in Burlingame is that you’re simply uncomfortable indoors. Are you warm in the summer or cold in the winter? Do you have high utility bills? Are there drafts and cold spots? These symptoms may all point to under performing or damaged insulation, and by simply replacing it, you can change your indoor environment for the better.

Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation?

Whether or not you need to remove old attic insulation is a good question. At Atticity, we carefully assess all attics to determine what is best for the customer, their home, and their budget. If your old insulation is contaminated by mold, asbestos, animals or insects, or water damage, then it is likely unable to perform as intended or could cause you or your family harm. If your old insulation is still in great shape, we might recommend topping it up with a modern insulation to increase its insulating powers – but read on for more on that.

Can I Put New Insulation over Old?

If your old insulation hasn’t been affected by pests, water, or mold, it probably doesn’t need to be removed – but that doesn’t mean it’s doing a great job either. Some modern types of insulation, like blown in cellulose insulation, can simply be installed on top of older insulation, negating the need for an attic insulation removal in Burlingame while adding to your home’s ability to withstand the changing weather. However, you’ll always get the best results when you completely remove all insulation – by emptying your attic, it’s easy to spot gaps and cracks that may be causing air leakage, and gives you the ability to thoroughly inspect for leaks or damage that can be repaired before new product is added.

Renovations Often Lead to Insulation Removal

The best time to have an attic insulation removal in Burlingame is when you’re already doing renovations to your home. At Atticity Insulation, our teams perform safe and thorough insulation removals:

  • First we use specialized vacuum equipment to remove old insulation; the resulting waste is discarded using an exterior method to reduce mess in your home.
  • Next, the attic is thoroughly cleaned – no debris is left behind. Holes are patched and the space is inspected so that any problems can be repaired.
  • Once the attic is in the best possible condition, new product is safely installed.

Working with a professional insulation installation team means that you benefit from our years of experience working in attics big and small. While many resources exist to guide the intrepid DIYer, we always recommend the professional approach – not only do you benefit from our training, knowledge, and skills, your new insulation product is guaranteed to be installed correctly. Many DIY projects end up spreading contamination further, cause damage to the home, and often incur additional costs when they need repair.

Can Blown in Insulation Be Removed?

If you need to have blown in cellulose or fibreglass insulation removed from your attic, the good news it’s fairly easy – they go out similarly to how they go in. A high power, large capacity shop vacuum sucks out the small pieces of insulation, which makes them easier to remove and clean up. The bad news is it can quickly become very messy if the right safety and containment procedures aren’t followed. Atticity teams are trained to remove all types of insulation, including blown in insulation, and can make a safe and thorough attic insulation removal in Burlingame easy and mess-free.

What Types of Replacement Insulation are there?

Choosing the right type of insulation to put into your attic can have a big effect on your home’s comfort, the length of installation, and your budget. At Atticity Insulation, we primarily install four different types of insulation that fit any budget and home requirements.

Spray Foam: This modern insulation is one of the most popular products in the home building industry right now. That’s because it offers many benefits to the homeowner above and beyond superior insulating powers, like being and air and vapour barrier, and helping to block sound. Spray foam is applied directly to your attic where it expands and hardens into a high R Value insulation.

Blown in Insulation: There are two popular formulations of blown in insulation: Cellulose and Fibreglass. Both offer slightly different R Values but are excellent products that provide great, long lasting insulation.

Injection: This method is perfect for insulating exterior walls without the need for major renovations – small holes are all our team needs to drill, then the cavities are filled from a small nozzle.

Fibreglass: Fibreglass insulation has been around for years and is a popular choice for attics. It comes as batts and as a blown-in product.

Safety Comes First For Attic Insulation in Burlingame

When it comes to renovation projects in your home, removing and replacing your attic insulation is one that is best left to the professional. Not only does it guarantee that any product you install will be done right, it also ensures that our keen eyes catch any underlying issues or architectural details that may affect its performance.