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Attic Cleaning Burlingame

Attic Cleaning Burlingame

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Attic cleaning and decontamination is a crucial step in ensuring that your home remains rat and rodent free. Attics are often isolated areas which are commonly out of reach of cats and dogs and are often seldom used by homeowners, making them the perfect place for rats and mice to hide. Rats and mice don’t have control of their bladder, so urine and feces will commonly contaminate attics, often without the homeowners even knowing. This can not only lead to mold and mildew issues, but animal waste material can also spread harmful bacteria and parasites. 

Once the rodent’s pheromone scent has grazed the area, they will easily attract more rodents to your home. Rat and mouse urine and feces also produce an awful odor that lingers in your home until the infested area is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. That’s why it is important to call in the professionals as the first sign of rodent contamination. Our attic cleaning and restoration services can help remove all traces of these pests to help ensure they don’t return.

We Will Address All Areas of Contamination

Rats and mice are commonly attracted to air ducts or even your main air supply, at which point the air being pushed out of your system is contaminated as well. This can have many harmful effects, especially for anyone with asthma or any form of breathing problem.

Unless properly taken care of, this can be an ongoing issue, Attic Cleaning In Burlingame, one of the leading attic cleaning and restoration experts make sure to address all areas and forms of contamination, ensuring that your home becomes the healthiest living environment possible!

Our expertise will provide you with a solution that not only helps your home have a fresh new scent, but also can increase quality of air in your home to help you and your family live in a healthy environment.

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Insulation removal

If your attic contains blow in insulation you may think the removal process will be a dirty job. Actually the removal process is done very clean and safe. Your Attic Cleaning professional will use a high powered vacuum that has a very long hose connected to it. The old insulation that contains bacteria will be sucked into a filter bag. The old bacteria infested insulation will be removed from the house in the safest, cleanest way possible.

If your attic contains batt insulation, Attic Cleaning will remove this by placing it in special bags and removing it manually. This will be done in a professional manner to avoid dust and debris that could risk your health.

Insulation replacement and installation

Hiring a professional to replace and install your new insulation is your best option. We will be able to inform you of the best option available. We will know if you need R-30 insulation or R-38 insulation. Our professionals will be able to inform you if blow in insulation or batts are a better option for your home. We will also be able to do rodent proofing for you. This will help keep your new insulation in top condition longer and help prevent infestation that can cause bacteria. We can also install radiant barrier insulation. This will be efficient for heating and cooling as well as electric bills.

Rodent proofing your attic

Our professionals will inspect your attic to see if there is damage done by the rodents. We will look for evidence of chewing on the wood. We will look for feces of rats or mice. We are also going to check for holes or other areas that rodents could be getting in. Once the inspection is complete we will put up barriers to stop them from entering again. These barriers may consist of metal mesh to block holes. We may also use steel wool to plug the holes. The other option we have is a very hard foam. If you have vents in your attic we may also place a metal mesh over them to prevent rodents from entering through the vents. It is not likely a rodent will chew through metal or the hardened foam. This process is much safer and cleaner than setting traps.

Along with the insulation removal, replacement and installation, Attic Cleaning can assist in rodent removal and attic sanitation. This is certainly a job you would not want to do yourself. We will have the proper equipment and personal protective equipment to get the job done.

Having Attic Cleaning of Burlingame come look at your attic will benefit you in many ways. You will not have to do any of the work yourself. This alone is huge as their may be bacteria in your attic from rodents and their feces. You will save on your heating and cooling bills. This will also reduce your electric bill. Don’t forget we can also prevent further rodent infestation from occurring by applying our rodent barriers. If you live in the Burlingame, Ventura county or Orange county areas let the best attic cleaning professionals handle it to ensure the job is done right! Hire Attic Cleaning today!

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