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Attic Cleaning Millbrae

Attic Cleaning Millbrae

Attic, Walls & Crawl space

An attic cleaning In Millbrae can provide many benefits to you and your home when it comes to attic clean-up, as well as removal of old installation. You may not realize but the service which we offer goes beyond just removing the clutter, or pest control. The main benefits are as followed:

General cleaning with the removal of dust, dirt, and toxins: we aim to improve your air quality and general look outlook in your attic. It is essential if you have an HVAC unit in your attic that you keep the space clean and provide a healthy atmosphere.

Mould & Mildew: if left untreated, mold can give off unhealthy spores and potentially cause an allergic reaction or respiratory problems if inhaled.

Rodents, Bugs & Pests: as we have discussed they are likely to be found in your attic at some point. We will exterminate, as well as removing the animal carcasses, droppings, clean the urine stains, or any debris left by the rodents. We aim to provide a professional attic sanitation service.

Leaks, cracks or holes in your attic: these could have been caused by rodents or animals burrowing their way into your attic. We can offer air sealing services if this is required, but we will make you aware of inspection of your attic if this is something which you will require. We can perform the air sealing once we have carried out attic decontamination, and a full attic clean-up, or before we insulate and ventilate your attic.

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Raccoons, squirrels and other rodents can severely damage your roof or soffit when trying to get access into your attic space. Once a raccoon gains access to your attic it can damage the space but also generates excrement and urine. The fecal matter and urine can seep through the insulation and leave a lingering unpleasant scent. Raccoon feces also carry diseases that are harmful to human health. Many of these diseases can be transmitted by ingesting or handling food or water contaminated with raccoon feces such as the Campylobacter infection. Other diseases can be transmitted via direct contact with feces and urine such as Leptospirosis and even Salmonella. Handling raccoon feces can be a dangerous ordeal. Protective gear and a respirator should be worn at all times. Give us a call if you need Attic Cleaning In Millbrae. 

Cleaning your attic space will ensure the removal of lingering odors and will eliminate any potential health hazards. We are a licensed pest control company and have access to products that are not available to the general public. We remove air-borne odors with the use of agents that neutralize by means of chemical reaction, counteraction and absorption. The products we use remove all animal odors, and disinfect the area so that not only any health risks are minimized, but also the odors that will attract other animals are completely gone.

We remove the insulation that has been affected by the raccoon’s feces and urine. We do the removal primarily by hand and dispose of the soiled insulation. Animal feces are again gathered by hand and disposed of. In both partial and complete insulation removal, our deodorizing and disinfecting products are applied using an electric powered atomizer that converts the deodorizing/disinfecting liquid into a fine particle mist in a continuous high volume air stream. The mist flows throughout the attic and gets into every surface. Urine that might have soaked into the wood will also get treated by the mist Raccoons tend to congregate in particular areas of the attic. However If the raccoons have been living in your attic for a long time their activity reach would have spread throughout your attic space. Because raccoon feces and urine tend to get absorbed by the attic insulation, partial or complete attic insulation removal might be required.

Attic Cleaning In Millbrae. In severe cases all of the attic insulation needs to be removed. We can remove all types of insulation. Most homes have blown in insulation but insulation sheets are also common. Blown in insulation can be removed by using industrial grade insulation vacuums. These vacuums suck the insulation and deposit it in large fiber bags that we dispose of. This process is very efficient. These powerful vacuums can remove insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces. Sheet insulation needs to be removed by hand. Wet or dry blown insulation and plaster chips can be vacuumed and then disposed into the collection bags. After the insulation has been removed we gather the animal waste by hand and disinfect the areas where the feces and urine were. We use a variety of commercial grade cleaners that not only deodorize but also eliminate any biohazard organic waste from animals including feces and urine. Our products neutralize and disinfect by means of a chemical reaction, counter reaction and absorption. In this way the source of the odors gets addressed and does not merely get masked. Call us today if you have any questions.

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