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Attic Decontamination Gilroy

Attic Decontamination Gilroy

Attic Decontamination Gilroy uses proven antimicrobial agents to both kill and guard against potentially deadly bacteria and viral pathogens that wildlife can leave in their wake after removal. Rest assured, these formulas are powerful enough to kill on contact and safe enough to use in the kitchen. 

Attic Decontamination Gilroy are specially trained to handle any and all rat, rodent, and wildlife clean-up requirements. Our dedication to providing complete services has earned us a 5-Star reputation. No matter how minor or severe the infestation, some degree of cleanup and decontamination must be provided, not only from a health and safety standpoint but to ensure invading animals and wildlife do not return. If you’ve found yourself with wildlife in your home, call the Attic Decontamination Gilroy team first. We will provide complete decontamination for your structure to ensure that your home is left safe and critter-free.

Rats, rodents, or other wildlife leave hair, urine, oils, feces, food, and nesting behind when they’re relocated. This calls for professional and proven decontamination services. Do not put yourself at risk! Attic Decontamination Gilroy removes fecal matter and all contaminants. Please note, contaminated items will be either bagged inside the attic or vacuumed out with specialized HE-PA filter vacuums. 

As you would imagine, it’s important to properly dispose of this waste. Our team is specifically trained for a safe and healthy disposal process, regardless of the scale of the mess. The Attic Decontamination Gilroy team respects the fact that toxic waste is dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Raccoon feces, for example, can contain a type of roundworm called Baylisascaris procyonis. 

The problem is that this parasite can live in dried feces for years and can be an extreme threat to unsuspecting homeowners. It’s a parasite that has been linked to diseases such as Giardia lamblia, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Rickettsia, and Trypanosoma cruzi. At first glance, the task may appear to be insurmountable. Rest assured, once all of the feces and contaminated materials have been removed, the attic will be completely sterilized with a green, non-toxic product that safely eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, infectious agents, parasites, and foul odors. 

Animal Damage Management Services

When you start hearing scurrying or scratching or thumping in your attic, the tendency for most homeowners is to stress out. At Attic Decontamination Gilroy, our message is simple: don’t worry, the problem can be resolved. We’re happy to educate you on the proper methods to remove the animal from your attic, but we’re experienced in handling the matter ourselves. 

Most importantly, our services ensure the problem doesn’t happen again. We discuss in detail the most common wildlife species, and which approach is the most effective for each. The removal of raccoons from an attic, for example, will necessarily differ from the removal of mice. Bats, on the other hand, require a very specific technique. Attic Decontamination Gilroy concentrates on the most effective way to solve the problem permanently, careful to treat wildlife humanely and respectfully throughout the process. 

This concentration has earned us a 5-Star reputation. Our team approaches every job with the knowledge that each critter species is different, and each situation is different, although the general process always includes: First, inspecting the house to find out precisely how the animals are getting inside (where they do not belong). 

Second, inspecting the attic to find out what kind of damage they have caused, confirming what animal you’re dealing with. Third, removing the animals. Fourth, repair and seal shut all the entry holes after the animals are out. Fifth, repair any damage and clean and decontaminate the attic if necessary. Attic Decontamination Gilroy understands, you want to get rid of animals in the attic fast (the issue can be stressful, after all) and we respond with the sense of urgency your emergency deserves.

Professional insulation removal is a potentially dangerous undertaking. The Attic Decontamination Gilroy team has responded by creating a safe, effective method for removing dirty contaminated insulation from attics or crawl spaces. 

With the use of commercial insulation removal equipment and years of experience, we are able to remove all of the insulation in an attic while ensuring none of it gets into the living space of the home. Our team can confidently say: none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the attic will makes its way down into your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an attic. 

Inside restoration includes attic insulation removal. Whether caused by animal urine, dead animals, water damage (storms-leaks), our team is experienced in the extraction and removal of old, damaged cellulose, fiberglass, and polyester insulation.



Air ducts get damaged from a number of factors such as age, poor design, and rodent damage.

Damaged duct work or air duct leaks affect the indoor environment in two main ways:

Cold air is lost before it effectively cools the indoor space. This makes your HVAC system work harder, using more energy and driving your utility bills up.

Leaks in the duct work introduce contaminants to the circulating air. This includes mold, dust, mites, pollen, bacteria, asbestos and other allergens.