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Attic Decontamination Portola Valley

Attic Decontamination Portola Valley

There are specific issues that occur within the spaces above and below your property, and Attic Decontamination Portola Valley are familiar with all of them.

Property owners will receive free attic inspections so technicians can figure out exactly what problems are occurring within the space, whether it be worn out insulation, an accumulation of dirt and debris, or a rodent infestation.

Our technicians are IICRC certified and expertly trained in attic decontamination, rodent control, and insulation services that will help maintain the integrity of not only your attic but your property as a whole.

When customers need attic cleaning services, we do not want to make you wait, which is why technicians always stick to the predetermined two-hour window and call a half hour before arriving.

As a full-service restoration company, Attic Decontamination Portola Valley can assist customers with so much more than just attic cleaning services. Technicians will tear out old insulation, replace it with blown-in or batt, eradicate rodents, and deep clean the entire area.

Call the team who cares and understands your needs as a property owner in Livermore, and you will receive thorough attic cleaning in Ramona today!

Rodent Proofing Is An Integral Part Of The Attic Cleanup Process

It is wise for property owners to receive rodent proofing in Ramona because of the abundance of roof rats that live in Livermore.

Many different critters can end up in your attic or crawlspace, such as mice, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums, but rats tend to be the rodent that nests inside properties and cause the most damage.

The attic insulation acts as the perfect breeding ground for rats, who make their nests in the material. When rats move into the insulation, they gnaw on the fiberglass, leave urine and feces everywhere, and end up dying inside of it.

If you hear scratching in the attic, then technicians will check the area for any of these signs and implement rodent proofing services during the attic cleaning process by sealing up potential entrances in the walls and floor and repairing any roof damage.

Along with the rodent proofing effort, technicians will eradicate all signs of any current rodent infestation and decontaminate the attic entirely so you can feel confident that your property is safe and clean.

Your safety is the top priority to Attic Decontamination Portola Valley. So, call us as soon as you notice signs of rats or other critters crawling around in your home, and technicians will arrive at your earliest convenience to administer expert rodent control.

Maintaining Your Crawlspace And Attic Insulation For Years To Come

Industry professionals say that insulation should last roughly 20 years, as long as there are no outside influences that damage the material and prevent it from insulating the property.

Unfortunately, it is quite common for unforeseen issues to occur during those 20 years that can render your insulation useless, creating problems that can wind up affecting the whole household.

When the insulation is not working at its maximum potential, it can let hot and cold air escape and cause you to have to run your HVAC system more often and at more extreme temperatures to achieve a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Technicians will inspect the insulation in both your attic and crawlspace to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. If you do require new insulation, they will safely remove the old material and install either blown-in or batt, depending on the space.

If you are concerned about the cost to insulate the attic or crawlspace, it is essential to remember that by maintaining the effectiveness of the insulation, your home will not only be more energy efficient, but you will start to receive much lower power bills.

Call Attic Decontamination Portola Valley if you have any questions regarding the insulation or attic cleaning process and staff members will explain everything to give you the peace of mind you need.

The market is flooded with companies trying to help uneducated homeowners with their attic insulation replacement & restoration. Often times the work that these contractors do does more harm than good. It is unintentional harm, but these contractors (Insulation, Pest Control, HVAC, Restoration) just don’t know any better.

Most contractors focus on vacuuming out the contaminated insulation, and replacing it with fiberglass. Allowing a contractor to simply re-install insulation without fixing the attic problems is a costly mistake.

You should hire a contractor who will remove the insulation, do attic cleanup and decontamination, then install the proper solutions (above) to fix the problems with your attic for home comfort & energy savings.

Whether or not your homeowners insurance will cover attic restoration will depend on your specific policy with your insurance company. It will also depend on what type of damage was done. For example, if you had fire or water damage, you have a good chance of them chipping in to do minimal repairs. But with animal infestation clean up from wildlife damage, you are not likely to get help.

The best bet is to get your insurance agent on the phone for an explanation of coverage with your insurance policy.


Air ducts get damaged from a number of factors such as age, poor design, and rodent damage.

Damaged duct work or air duct leaks affect the indoor environment in two main ways:

Cold air is lost before it effectively cools the indoor space. This makes your HVAC system work harder, using more energy and driving your utility bills up.

Leaks in the duct work introduce contaminants to the circulating air. This includes mold, dust, mites, pollen, bacteria, asbestos and other allergens.