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Attic Insulation

Attic Cleaning and Installation San Jose

Attic Insulation and Cleaning San Jose in severe cases, all of the attic insulation needs to be removed. We can remove all types of insulation. Most homes have blown-in insulation but insulation sheets are also common.

The attic forms an important part of the home. Though this room or space which is usually just above the main structure, is not usually visited, it plays a major role in the house.

One of the major functions of the attic is for the storage of items, often not needed for immediate use. The attic can also be used as an additional space that can be converted into a bedroom or a playground. They are also used to control the temperature within the house.

Attics must have sufficient ventilation to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. These can be risky for the properties stored within the attic. Also, another major source of risks to the items within the attic are rodents.

Rodents are one of the most destructive pests to have in the home or the environment. They not only cause damage to properties but also pose health risks to humans and pets within the home. They are carriers of about 35 diseases and must be prevented from getting into the attic.

Rodents are usually attracted to the attic because they love crowded places. They love to hide and be almost invisible while they carry out their activities, and the attic gives them a perfect spot to do so. The major challenge to this is that once they get comfortable in an area, they start to breed. This breeding would bring about a rodent infestation in the home.

Rodents must be prevented from gaining access to the home due to the negative results they cause. However, if they do gain access and if there is already a rodent infestation, you must contact an Attic Cleaning and Insulation company.


Attic Cleaning and Installation offers you effective cleaning and insulation services for your attic. These services include:

Attic Cleaning: Attic Cleaning and Installation ensure they clean up the attic by getting rid of anything that should not be there. This would include rodents clean up and proofing. They get the rodents out of the home, as well as put measures in place to prevent them from gaining access in the future. We also remove any kind of dead animals that can pose a health risk to the homeowners. Dead animals can be a source of diseases and illnesses to those who come in contact with them.

  • Crawl Space Clean Up: You may have been wondering how to clean up all the crawl spaces within the home. You know those little crannies where your hand or equipment finds it difficult to reach. Attic Cleaning and Installation takes care of all of that. Their professional services are standard, as well as the equipment used. This is to ensure that excellence is achieved.
  • Attic Decontamination: Attic Cleaning and Installation offers more than just cleaning the attic. They understand that these rodents carry with them diseases that are very harmful to human health, so they have to sterilize the attic to get rid of those diseases causing pathogens. This way, your attic would be completely clean of anything rodents or the risks their presence cause.
  • Insulation Removal: To get your attic insulation removed and cleaned can be a hard one, especially with the glass. You may have to leave it for the professionals. These are those who have carried out these tasks over many years and have the right experience needed to get these things done effectively.
  • Insulation Installation: If you have old, damaged or ineffective insulation, you should contact them to get them replaced. If you have got the insulation of your attic attacked by mold or mildew due to poor ventilation, you should get their services as they also remove the mold and mildew. The excellent attic insulation and ventilation carried out by this company would ensure proper air circulation even within the home.


This Attic Cleanup and Insulation Company offers the best quality services within affordable rates making them the best choice to provide you with solutions to your attic cleanup and insulation problems. Other factors that make them the right option to take include:

The Use of Premium Products: We uses the best of products to carry out their activities. An example is the type of insulation used for the attic. The goal is to provide the highest quality service to customers to keep them satisfied. The use of these premium products would also ensure you get maximum utility from them. We are durable and should last you for an extended period. They also use the latest and most advanced equipment to carry out their activities, so that excellence is attained.

  • Trained and Experienced Technicians: Attic Cleaning and Installation makes use of the best of technicians for the work. These are trained and well-equipped personnel who know the perfect solutions to match with your peculiar rodent need. We also appear in the right wears and with an identification card which would assure you of which company they represent. You should know that your properties and your attic are in safe hands with these technicians.
  • High-Quality Customer Service: The efficient service being provided by this company is also a major reason why you should contact them. You are offered a one-year service warranty which should be further proof to you of the standard quality of the services they offer. Our customer support is always ready to take your inquiries, answers your questions, and give you the necessary guidelines. You can also be assured that whenever you contact them via emails or calls, you would get an appropriate and prompt response.
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Attic Cleaning and Installation As a licensed company with a name to protect, this company goes the extra mile to ensure we deliver to you the best working solutions for your attic needs. This is also another reason to trust that they are reliable. As an insured company, that is a guarantee that your properties within the attic and the attic itself are in safe hands.