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Signs your Attic Insulation is Inadequate

High costs for heating and cooling Roof is leaking Ice build-up on a rooftop Icicles on the fascia or eaves-troughs Cold areas in the home The roof is aging prematurely Before you go ahead and install insulation, you need to have roof leaks repaired, direct exhaust fans and vents to the home’s exterior, box out …

Design Considerations

Whether the building of the unvented attic takes place in a warm or cold climate zone location, there are some design considerations that are consistent throughout, while other considerations require a greater understanding of the materials that could be used based on the climatic environment.

Do I Need Attic Insulation?

If you think you’re among the 90% of US homes that are under-insulated, performing a simple insulation inspection will help you determine your insulation needs. Having the correct amount of attic insulation can help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home and help save money on your energy bills—plus, prevent major issues like ice dams …