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Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette specializes in pest clean-ups for commercial and industrial businesses. We clean and remove everything from rodent and pigeon droppings, to soiled and damaged insulation.

Attic, crawlspace, garage, shed, ceiling, high rise balcony or wall void – you name it, we can clean it! We also provide residential clean-ups for birds, rodents and other wildlife. We provide free written estimates and before & after pictures (if you want to see them) for every clean-up.

Right before installing effective bird control methods, Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette Technicians remove pigeon droppings and other debris from pigeon nesting and roosting sites.

High-Rise Rope Access Bird Poop Clean-up

Our technicians are certified in fall protection, boom and scissor lift operation. In addition to our thorough in-house training we are also trained and certified by Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone. 

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette takes all the work out of tricky bird jobs. Wherever you need bird droppings removed.. a balcony, an office tower, or warehouses, we can do it.

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Lafayette  Technicians will always go the extra mile to make sure your attic or crawlspace is spotless! Vlad, our technician, demonstrates his dedication to getting a clean-up done right in this Lafayette home.

Recent job completed for a home in Lafayette. Our technicians de-sanitized the crawlspace removing all traces of pests spoils. Pests can carry all sorts of germs and harmful diseases, so a thorough clean with the right disinfectant solutions, using the correct safety gear is very important.

Attic, Walls & Crawl space

Our Attic Cleaning In Ross process includes having all of the old insulation removed, then we perform a thorough cleaning of the attic. While the insulation is out we will apply hospital grade disinfectant by fogging into the attic and fogging onto the surfaces of the attic. After the attic sanitizing we install brand new insulation. We’re not a typical insulation company; at Attic Cleaning In Ross, we specialize in attic cleaning, attic clean outs, attic sanitizing and attic decontaminations, as well as insulation removal and insulation replacement. 

There are various health issues from contaminated attic insulation. One of the most harmful ways your attic can make you sick is the situation of rodents or wildlife gaining access to your attic. If you have damaged air ducts and your insulation is dirty from rodent or wildlife droppings, your home could be exposed to toxic contamination. Rats, raccoons, bats, or other wildlife living and nesting in your attic can potentially lead to exposure to dangerous airborne bacteria. These dirty dust particles and bacteria cause unexplained health issues, itching from mites or flea bites, aggravated asthma or an increase in allergies. It is also a potential risk to those with lowered immunity, such as small children and the elderly. 

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