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Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose

Finding a collection of rodent droppings and turd in your Bay Area home or business is definitely an unpleasant surprise. Unfortunately, sometimes those little critters find their way in and wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your space. Before you reach for the nearest broom and dust pan, it’s important to first consider your own health and safety when cleaning up. Our experts at Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose San Francisco are here to guide you through the most efficient, and safe, steps in cleaning up rodent droppings.

What’s So Dangerous About Rat & Mice Feces?

Whether you find small rodents cute or repulsive, their waste is dangerous to humans either way. Rats and mice can potentially carry Hantavirus, which causes a deadly disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). If your rodents have this virus, it’s easy for you to get it by breathing in the air when rat droppings and urine are stirred up. Also, simply touching droppings and urine exposes one to the virus. Flu like symptoms from hantavirus can quickly evolve into urgent, life-threatening hospitalization. Due to the presence of such harmful airborne pathogens, the task of cleaning up can be especially dangerous.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Rat Droppings?

There are several steps to ensure your space is completely decontaminated from the health risks of rodent waste. Hiring a professional decontamination company with the right tools, precautions, and experience is the best way to guarantee your health and safety. Like we mentioned earlier, cleaning can easily stir up the air around the droppings and make Hantavirus airborne. Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose San Francisco is a team of highly trained experts with the most efficient rodent cleaning.

No one ever wants a rodent infestation in their home, but luckily there are a handful of ways to keep these pesky pests out. The best way to solve a rodent dropping problem is prevent it from happening to begin with! Essentially, always make sure food is securely stored and put away. Never leave spills or open food, even pet food, as a tasty meal for small rodents. Finally, keep trash cleaned up and tightly sealed. Taking some simple steps will keep your Bay Area home free of rodents and healthy for you

Professional Rodent Dropping Removal & Cleanup Services Provided by Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose

If your property has been affected by a rodent infestation and there are urine and feces droppings left behind, you want to hire a cleaning crew that is licensed and certified in the safe removal of these health hazards. That’s why you should call Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose for rodent dropping cleanup services. Since 2005, our highly trained cleaning crews have decontaminated homes across the country from various biohazards and waste, including rodent droppings. We take our time to ensure that the area we are cleaning is completely restored, and we follow all state and federal protocols regarding the removal of biohazards. So, when you want a rodent dropping cleanup service you can trust, the team at Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In San Jose is here for you.

Attic, Walls & Crawl space

Our Attic Cleaning In Ross process includes having all of the old insulation removed, then we perform a thorough cleaning of the attic. While the insulation is out we will apply hospital grade disinfectant by fogging into the attic and fogging onto the surfaces of the attic. After the attic sanitizing we install brand new insulation. We’re not a typical insulation company; at Attic Cleaning In Ross, we specialize in attic cleaning, attic clean outs, attic sanitizing and attic decontaminations, as well as insulation removal and insulation replacement. 

There are various health issues from contaminated attic insulation. One of the most harmful ways your attic can make you sick is the situation of rodents or wildlife gaining access to your attic. If you have damaged air ducts and your insulation is dirty from rodent or wildlife droppings, your home could be exposed to toxic contamination. Rats, raccoons, bats, or other wildlife living and nesting in your attic can potentially lead to exposure to dangerous airborne bacteria. These dirty dust particles and bacteria cause unexplained health issues, itching from mites or flea bites, aggravated asthma or an increase in allergies. It is also a potential risk to those with lowered immunity, such as small children and the elderly. 

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