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Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Santa Clara

Rodent Cleanup and Proofing In Santa Clara

This technique restricts the access of the rodents in an area. Various entry points are noted during the inspection of our technical executive and report is prepared, which helps in taking corrective action against rodents. Fitting rat guards to the drainpipes and various other proofing measures such as fitting hard metal strips to the bottom edges of door can be done to minimize rodent population entering in the structure.

2. Mechanical Measures :

Mechanical rodent control techniques are more appropriate in house holds. The commonly used method is trapping. The treatment comprises placing mechanical traps and sticky or glue traps in rodent runways.

3. Chemical Measures :

Various type of rodenticides are used depends on rodent population & species. It is strongly recommended that only anticoagulant rodenticides should be used in buildings. Bait shyness with anticoagulant is unusual even at higher concentration. Systematic placement of rodent bait stations and rodenticide is necessary for keeping rodent population under Economic Threshold Level.

4. Rodent Bait Station :

Rodent Bait Station is the important constituent in chemical and mechanical control of Rodents. The Rodent Bait Station is a rectangular metal box in which rodent bait or Glue trap is kept.

Advantages of Rodent Bait Station

  • Rodents have a habit of eating in dark places, so get attracted easily towards Bait Stations.
  • Rodent Bait station is a labeled instrument and hence it becomes very easy to detect the places where rodenticide is kept.
  • As the Rodent bait is kept under box it is not easily accessible to pets and children and hence safer for pets and children.
  • Contamination or dilution of rodenticide can be avoided, and therefore the bait remains effective for a longer period.

Attic, Walls & Crawl space

Our Attic Cleaning In Ross process includes having all of the old insulation removed, then we perform a thorough cleaning of the attic. While the insulation is out we will apply hospital grade disinfectant by fogging into the attic and fogging onto the surfaces of the attic. After the attic sanitizing we install brand new insulation. We’re not a typical insulation company; at Attic Cleaning In Ross, we specialize in attic cleaning, attic clean outs, attic sanitizing and attic decontaminations, as well as insulation removal and insulation replacement. 

There are various health issues from contaminated attic insulation. One of the most harmful ways your attic can make you sick is the situation of rodents or wildlife gaining access to your attic. If you have damaged air ducts and your insulation is dirty from rodent or wildlife droppings, your home could be exposed to toxic contamination. Rats, raccoons, bats, or other wildlife living and nesting in your attic can potentially lead to exposure to dangerous airborne bacteria. These dirty dust particles and bacteria cause unexplained health issues, itching from mites or flea bites, aggravated asthma or an increase in allergies. It is also a potential risk to those with lowered immunity, such as small children and the elderly. 

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